Rotary Conference Gig

29 October

National Convention Centre, City

remember we look like thisblack bottoms, white tops ; scarf (handed out and returned on the day)

When: Saturday 29 October

Where: National Convention Centre (Constitution Avenue)

Arrive at: 1030 for warm-up

Perform: 1110-1130

*Steps and ramp available from street level to front doors

Parking options: 

  • Wilson underground ( enter from Constitution Avenue) at $7 flat rate, with lift access to top floor
  • There are free parking areas on Saturdays beside/around the Civic Pool and from there you cross Constitution Avenue to get to the front door of the Convention Centre.
  • There is a drop-off bay at the front door, but it’s not easy to then get back to the Wilson underground park

And thanks to Rotary for a morning tea after the performance

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