“Alchemy Chorus has changed my life”

‘Alchemy Chorus hits right note’ Our Conductor reflects on 3 years of the chorus. This article was first published in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care (www.journalofdementiacare.com) Vol 9 No 2 April/May 2020. Reprinted here with the permission of Hawker Publications Australia Pty Ltd. Click on the link: AJDC Apr-May 2020_Alchemy Chorus-PDF

27 February and the cat’s away!

But the piano’s crook…Solution? Put a finger in it. But it’s still crook… call in the expert team Who’s got the sticky tape? The Bass or the engineer? Piano fixed… the show goes on. Singing, musical stories shared (of singing in the privy and NOT slamming Yehudi Menuhin’s fingers in the car door), morning teaContinue reading “27 February and the cat’s away!”