Oh Sorry Day!


Brian has asked me on behalf of the committee, to write and let you know that we have, unfortunately, made the decision to suspend our Alchemy Chorus sessions. We know how important the Choir is to our members and how much we enjoy them. However, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the associated medical advice, has led us to this decision. We recognise that our activities are non-essential in terms of government definitions, and also our membership is in the high risk category being mainly older people, many with pre-existing and multiple conditions.

This decision is putting Alchemy Chorus slightly ahead of the curve response by governments, however, we do so because of the need to protect our vulnerable members and the community in our particular circumstances. Other organisations have also responded similarly ahead of government requirements. 

At this stage we do not know how long the situation will last. It could be the whole of the rest of this term at least. We would normally expect to start the next term on 30th April, but we will make a decision only when we can be confident it is again safe for everyone.

We will be in touch with you all by email, as soon as there is a change in circumstances. In the meantime, our very best wishes to all Alchemy Chorus members in these difficult times.

Jill Sheppard, Manager

27 February and the cat’s away!

But the piano’s crookSolution? Put a finger in it.

But it’s still crook… call in the expert team

Who’s got the sticky tape? The Bass or the engineer?

Piano fixed… the show goes on. Singing, musical stories shared (of singing in the privy and NOT slamming Yehudi Menuhin’s fingers in the car door), morning tea and…

is there a birthday girl somewhere?